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Accounting advice
Any consultations from starting a company's accounts to preparing financial statements.
Review and revision of accounting records, advice on preparing documents, entering transactions in accounts according to the chart of accounts, accounting of fixed assets and stock accounting, using the HansaRaama business software.
Preparation of income statement and balance sheet, other statements (sales ledger, purchase ledger, group statements, customer-specific statements) according to the customer's request and preparation of financial statements for Tax Board and other offices.
Payroll accounting
We use the "Merit" payroll software for payroll accounting. We calculate salaries for individuals, but also make summary accounts for departments and for the company as a whole. We calculate holiday pay, holiday pay reserves, taxes, and submit tax declarations to Tax Board. It is also our task to fill in employees' certificates for sick leave and submit information on additional child care leave to the Health Insurance Fund and to the Pension Board.

Annual reports

We prepare annual reports with all necessary annexes and notes included.
Representation of the company
We communicate with Tax Board and represent our customer in necessary transactions on the basis of a power of attorney.
Web-based accounting service
In addition to software, ComPly also involves high-quality server-based service and user support.